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Things previous clients have said:

Sabrina brings wisdom, clarity, patience, thoughtfulness and deep insight to each session. My sessions with her have gone way beyond what I expected - really helpful in identifying issues, "joining up" and giving tools and ideas for making positive progress.

Sabrina is the best therapist I have had. She asks really profound questions that have helped give me things to think about in between sessions. She is very compassionate and is overall just a great person.

Before working with Sabrina I used to go round in circles in relationships that did not serve me.With her support I was able to identify where I was going wrong and have been able to have the relationship that I dreamed of. Starting with the relationship with myself!I would highly recommend her services.

I attended a group session that Sabrina held and all I can say is wow. She holds space in a truly unique and empowering way. I will never forget the bond and safety I felt in the group. I felt seen, I felt heard. I will cherish the experience for years to come!

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