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Psychotherapy is a form of therapy involving a trained professional helping you to work through various emotional issues. As the therapist it is my job to create an accepting, safe, non judgemental environment for you, the client to explore your feelings. Although everyone's therapeutic journey is different, the desired outcome is that you will feel more empowered as an individual. As a result of developing a greater sense of self awareness, self acceptance and finding your own voice, it is likely that you will experience positive change in all areas of your life. I work with a range of different issues and I am accepting of exploring whatever feels important to you, the client.I am LGBTQIA+ and Neurodiverse Affirming.

Group Facilitation 

I hold group spaces for individuals to explore a range of different issues from radical self acceptance to setting appropriate boundaries. The groups I facilitate are experiential and provide a sense of safety and acceptance for its participants to support each other in moving towards a deeper sense of self and connectedness with others.Group work may be delivered as part of a workshop, conference, workplace, retreat or special event. 


I provide coaching sessions for individuals who find it difficult to attract the right relationships. In coaching sessions we may explore repeated cycles, limiting beliefs, setting boundaries and we may look at ways in which the client can attract healthier more fulfilling relationships. I am supportive of the various styles of relationships that clients would like to explore (i.e all forms of poly, open relating etc). Coaching is different to therapy as it does not involve trauma/healing work. Coaching is goal orientated, challenging and for those who want to see specific transformation in this area of their lives. 


I offer person centred supervision providing a warm, nurturing, reflective environment for therapists and trainees to evolve into the practitioners that they desire to be.I hold an empowering, accepting space for therapists to explore how they can provide the highest level of service to their clients. In supervision therapists may explore cases they are working on, approaches, self care, ethical issues and safeguarding issues.Together we will look at how to approach your work in a professional, yet creative way which reflects the type of therapist that you ultimately aspire to be.


I provide consultation for therapists who are looking to start their own private practice. I use the expertise that I have learnt in building my own practice to give you the tools,guidance and confidence to set up on your own. I give step by step tips on a range of topics from where to advertise, how to choose a niche,how to build your website, how to file your taxes and lots more. I help you to think about how you can put all that you learn into practice and become your own boss!


Let me know what you are going through and lets discuss how I can help you. | Tel: 0115 697 1323

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